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Hi Lawrence,

​     Alex and his team finished our roof today.  It looks really nice and what a pleasant professional crew.  They worked so hard.  Drop by sometime to see their work.  We would be very pleased to recommend Roberts Roofing - Carmel

To Lawrence Roberts

      I would like to say thanks for a job well done. I would like to comment on the installers that did the roofing, They were very professional and polite. The installers showed up at my place on the date that we agreed upon and had the roof of the house and the garage completed in the two days that you said it would take. While the installers were on site they kept the yard clean and free of any waste material lying around. One of my neighbours commented that the installers looked very professional, not like the roofers that were doing the house on the next block and that they were going to call Roberts Roofing to get an estimate on there place. When the roofing was completed and before they left my place they cleaned the yard up, checked once more that they had not missed anything leaving only when satisfied that nothing was left behind.

     If someone were to ask me who I would recommend to have their roof done I would be telling them to call Roberts Roofing. Right from my first phone call, the estimate, the work and clean up was top notch. Above all THE ROOF LOOKS GREAT.

 Thanks for a job well done Lawrence.

Darreyl Baruzzini

My garage needed new Shingles for the past 2 years, however I continued delaying and pondered doing it myself.  After checking into the cost of the roofing products, removal and disposal of the old shingles, as well as my personal time, it really didn't make any sense.  I contacted Alex Roberts and asked for a quote, he was back to me within a few days with an estimate of supply and install date.

The day arrived and Roberts Roofing was on site first thing in the morning, my roof was stripped, new shingles installed, old material hauled away and disposed of, and my vents were placed in a more optimum area.  A notification was emailed confirming the job was complete and my invoice was sent electronically, all within 4 hours.  Upon arriving home Lawrence Roberts met me for the physical inspection and answered any questions I had.

My neighbors were surprised with the work atmosphere that this team brought as they have been used to previous contractors who tossed about cigarettes and poor language equally.

Thanks again Roberts Roofing.

Kevin Woloszyn 
Purchasing Manager
CanWel Building Materials Ltd

To Whom it May Concern, I had the privilege of hiring Alex Roberts to replace my roof last summer. We had spoken earlier about it but I had hesitated to get it done. Finally the timing was right for me and I called Alex. He was there same day, we ordered materials immediately and his crew was on the roof the next day as he had an unexpected opening in his schedule. I had a number of questions and he answered them reminding me of the requirements to stay within the Alberta building code and keep my shingle warranty valid. As my home is approximately 1900 square feet and quite old, the roof had some rot in the plywood and also required more air flow as it was short on vents. He discussed both issues with me BEFORE the project began as we both could see these problems during the initial walkaround. Expecting some other unknown issues once shingles were stripped, the pricing structure for any extras was also decided before the project began. The shingles were stripped, plywood was patched and fixed perfectly and new vents installed neatly and lined up as they should be. New shingles had to be carried up the ladder as it was impossible to get a lift close to my home to set them up. Big job and no complaints! ​ When the project was finished, my yard was at least as neat or neater than when they began. We found not a single nail in the grass nor bushes surrounding the yard. Although the estimate of materials was very accurate, there were a few extra parts and pieces remaining. These were neatly stacked on a trailer and he assisted us in returning them. Usually contractors seem to think that extra materials are theirs... this was definitely not the case. Following the project, I was not able to be at home when he finished. He met me the next evening for the final walkaround. We walked the roof and he showed me what he had done and why. Once again, I was very impressed with the professionalism and conduct on the completion of a project that was more than just removing and replacing shingles. ​ Shortly after the project completed, I had another contractor on my roof for an unrelated project. He could see my roof was recently replaced and commented twice on how well it was done as he is constantly on roofs and has seen some real problems in new construction and re-roofing projects. Without any hesitation, I strongly recommend Alex for any roofing procedure. He and his crew were excellent to deal with in every regard! Regards, John Ady Alberta Safety Experts Inc.

We replaced the roof on our home in the spring of 2013, selecting Roberts Roofing Inc. for several reasons.  Our experience with Roberts Roofing was positive from start to finish.  We especially appreciated the respect that Roberts demonstrated for the neighbours and ourselves, and the care they took with our property.  We are pleased to recommend them to our family, friends and neighbours. 

Pat and Dave Campbell

Pat and David Campbell's House

We appreciate the quick and effective manner in which you were able to solve our roofing concerns.​

​Fran and Marcel Crebas
Lawrence and Alex were called to do an assessment on the quality of my roof.  I thought that it needed to be fully replaced.  After looking at it, they indicated that they could repair part of the roof instead of replacing the whole roof.  This saved me thousands of dollars.  They came in and did exactly what they quoted, did a great job, and cleaned up after.  

In addition, they gave my an inspection report that I was able to use to assist in selling my house. 

I would highly recommend Roberts Roofing. 


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To whom it may concern,

       I hired Roberts roofing to re-roof my home.  Mr. Roberts was very professional and prompt with with his work.  I have had this roof for 2 years now and there have been no problems with his work whatsoever.  He is very skilled at what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs work done.


Dale Hamblin

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